The 12 Weeks of Fate Line (aka Fate Line Friday) – I Will

The eighth song on our album is NOT our prog rock song according to the good doctor but as far I’m concerned it is epic as prog rock, at least musically (quite a journey of sound and dynamics). Lyrically it is about a journey – to find yourself, by yourself, away from “absent ties that bind” and toward awakening.

I do love the drop D tuning and drone – and the sliding chords and how the band just rocks out on this tune – one of our almost instrumentals! Other than the dedication of the Shiners in developing this song, I feel fortunate that my good friend Arlene Bishop lent her distinctive voice to the recording – singing the oracle part I wrote just for her.

Simon says: I Will is a strange song for us to do in some ways, it has alot of mood changes ( despite being mostly in D with a drone like quality) But it then kicks along at a good gallop in the chorus and instrumental sections. There are fewer lyrics than in most of Jen’s songs but it’s not diminished by that. It has a recurring celtic melody section…jazz-like chords, and a sparseness in the verse and a big rock chorus, with Dr J’s Rickenbacker in full overdriven, jangly effect! The dynamics are all important in this tune.
The song had a long gestation over a few years: tempo, instrumentation, groove changes aplenty before it settled into its present form with everyone having contributed to its evolution.

The good doctor John says: When we get it right, this song can be a good example of how the band can lock into a groove. It helps that the main refrain section gets repeated a jillion times, so we have lots of chances to get it right. Jen, Jonathan, and I are essentially all playing the same line mostly, giving it strength and richness of texture (I also overdub another acoustic guitar, furthering the layering). Astrid does some really nice work anchoring everything, while simultaneously adding some lovely melodic embellishments. And Simon is rock solid, giving a great push of energy.

This is one of two tracks on which I play my Rickenbacker 12-string (there is a brief cameo on A Story’s End). I originally bought this guitar several decades ago, after having saved up for it. I mainly bought it because I loved its sound in the recordings of The Byrds, The Beatles, REM, and Genesis. I enjoyed playing it at home, but never used it for live performance until I Will.

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