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Jen Schaffer and the Shiners — Sunday Morning, New York City
Release date : Jan. 23, 2016

Sunday Morning, New York City


This past Fall the Shiners recorded Sunday Morning, New York City, an original song written by Jen Schaffer and Simon Law – a love song to the city they adore. It was inspired by a Sunday morning walk through Chelsea, when the city’s manic vibrations seemed to slow to a peaceful hum.

Sunday Morning, New York City

A little slower slide
On the low west side
Take a Chelsea ride on the High Line steel
You can go for miles
Penetrate the styles
That flow between the subway tiles and dreams
Glide through that groove, that vibe
The island time and feel
Sunday morning, New York City

Orchards blooming sweet
Off Delancey street
Cherry blossoms cheat the fading sun
Iron clad the walls
Of tenements and halls
Cause no one there will heed the fall of time
Sweep the grit
Doors open wide
To let in its perfume
Sunday morning, New York City

The Lake stills, as space expands
To fill its history
Central  Park will tame the pulse
Of Manhattan’s majesty
The boulders black
The vibrant green,
softening the manic stream

Fingertips reveal
The curious concealed
The unobserved that yields a certain charm
Hands will hold and guide
And soothe the ripping tide
That overflows along canals and piers
Wander through that moving feast,
The urban wondrous zeal
Sunday morning, New York City
Sunday morning, New York City.

Words and Music by Jen Schaffer (SOCAN) and Simon Law (SonyAtv)
Produced by Simon Law

Lead vocals and acoustic guitar – Jen Schaffer
Piano, BGs and cymbals – Simon Law
Bass and BGs – Astrid Foster
Electric and acoustic guitar – John Teshima
Viola and violin – Jonathan Marks.

Recorded by Jeremy Darby at Canterbury Music Company and Simon Law at Studio Wolfrey
Mixed by Jeremy Darby and Simon Law.
Mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel.

Art Work by Jen Schaffer (photo of Spencer Finch’s permanent installation on the High Line in New York City, “The River Flows Both Ways”)
Jen Schaffer and the Shiners Logo by Caroline Chan