Exhausted but Exulted!

It was a marathon of music making this past weekend – we are exhausted and exulted by the experience. Indeed, twelve rhythm tracks were recorded and then some – with great vibes, laughter, and eating of the roti, both Guyanese and Trini. Jeremy Darby, with his stunning studio, gear and impressive creds and ears, made for a great guide through the recording process. And what can I say about the Shiners – Astrid was rock solid on bass, Simon dedicatedly found the perfect snare for “Audience,” Jonathan made his strings sing, be they on violin, mando or viola – and Dr. John produced some wicked guitar licks through the Leslie cabinet. The sounds were so warm coming through that Neve desk – we are going to have one gorgeous sounding record when this is all done!

And there is more to come – we will be returning to the Canterbury studio in the Fall to do some overdubs and vocals – including one crowd-singing session! To that end, and with our big Fall gig in mind, I am going to extend the indiegogo campaign through to November 2nd, when we play at The Dora Keough. So for those still interested or keen to contribute, this financial avenue is still open.

In the meantime, enjoy these last weeks of summer – with all of its musical muses.



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