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Jen Schaffer and the Shiners — Waltz of the Oblivious Wolves
Release date : Nov. 01, 2020

Waltz of the Oblivious Wolves

Here is one of my favourite Shiner songs that has been around for a few years but seems apt to record and release in time for November 3rd, 2020 – a monumental Election Day in the United States, with global ramifications.

I wrote the song a few years back, while up visiting my friend at her old General Store in Mississippi Station, Ontario. The muse… or muses… were the locals wolves that surrounded the house one night, instilling great fear in us humans and then great determination to overcome that fear.

Our song, Waltz of the Oblivious Wolves, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing… that is, a biting protest song delivered with the merino softness of a sweet country waltz. We Shiners began to finally record our covid-version of this tune with a plan to release it in time to support and see the turning of the tables down south… that is, the oblivious arrogant predators fall to a determined and conscious prey.

Music and Words by Jennifer Schaffer (SOCAN)

Produced, Arranged, Recorded and Mixed by Simon Law aka The Funky Ginger at Studio Wolfrey, Toronto, Ontario

Artwork/Videography by Tegan Armstrong and Luke Donovan.

Acoustic guitar, Lead Vocal – Jennifer Schaffer
Bass, Background – Astrid Foster
Drums, Background Vocals – Simon Law
Acoustic guitar, Background Vocals – John Teshima
Violin, Background Vocals – Jonathan Marks
Mandolin and Background Vocals – Emmanuel Zev Szeptycki