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Jen Schaffer and Simon Law — The Rescue
Release date : Jan. 20, 2021

The Rescue

What started out as a songwriting challenge at the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic has become this collaborative piece of art which Simon and I would like to share on this Erev Hope. 

The Rescue is a musical rumination on a video I took of Simon “saving” an abandoned doll found floating in a murky pond at Todmorden Mills, Toronto, May of 2020.  

The song emerged at a time when George Floyd had just been murdered and the entitlement of his police executioner left so many of us figuratively gasping for air.

The “Iris” I sing about in the song is the singer and songwriter Iris DeMent, whose plea to “let the mystery be” seemed a fitting antidote to the arrogant and blinding certainty prevalent today amongst too many of us.

And so, while we celebrate hopeful inaugurations and vaccinations, it will not be politicians, jurists, scientists or even gurus that will ultimately save us… the rescue will have to be of our own making.

Music by Jennifer Schaffer (SOCAN) and SImon Law (SonyAtv)

Words by Jennifer Schaffer (SOCAN) 

Produced, Arranged, Recorded and Mixed by Simon Law aka The Funky Ginger at Studio Wolfrey, Toronto, Ontario

Acoustic guitar, Lead Vocal – Jennifer Schaffer

Drums and Keyboards – Simon Law

Violin – Emmanuel Zev Szeptycki

 © All rights reserved