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Jen Schaffer and the Shiners — Dedicated To Love
Release date : Sep. 12, 2020

Dedicated To Love

Recording this song during the pandemic has truly been a labour of love and a show of dedication by the Shiners to the love of our music and musical friendship.

Special shout out to Simon, whose magical talents helped make us sound like we were all in the “same room” – even Lain Gray, who sent in his vocal bits from Houston, Texas.

Written a couple of years ago, I am so pleased to be finally releasing a recorded and video version of this tune out into a world that seems to need more dedication to love.

It is our first recording of a Shiner women duet, with Astrid Foster and I sharing lead vocals. I am so pleased to also have another special guest vocalist – Lain Gray, who joined us a couple of years ago on the recording of Jerusalem Fields off our last album, Games We Play.

So here is our Shiner contribution towards flattening the persistent pull of those dark curves towards pandemic, racism and fear. It is delivered with dedication and love and also friendship and a bit of humour.


Music and Words by Jennifer Schaffer (SOCAN)

Produced, Arranged, Recorded and Mixed by Simon Law aka The Funky Ginger at Studio Wolfrey, Toronto, Ontario

Acoustic guitar, Lead Vocal – Jennifer Schaffer

Bass, Lead Vocal – Astrid Foster

Drums, Background Vocals – Simon Law

Acoustic guitar, Background Vocals – John Teshima

Violin, Background Vocals – Jonathan Marks

Special Guest Vocalist – Lain Gray (Houston, Texas)

Artwork – Linnea Soli


Dedicated to Love Video Lip Syncers –

Mindy, Nina and Laura Harris (Sparrow Lake, Ontario)

Ben Aldritt, Dani and Anson Kasimer (Edmonton, Alberta)

Klaudia and Luka Meier (Toronto, Ontario)

Lac Patric Merman Video Cameo – Manny Szeptycki

Lake Ontario Seagull Video Wrangler – Bodhi

Outro video was taken by Simon Law from behind the drum kit at the first live performance of “Dedicated to Love” with special guest vocalist Lain Gray at Burdock on February 10th, 2018.