Hit The Bottom Quicker

Here’s our newest single and lyric video, put together by the talented Adrienne McLaren and just in the nick of time (as in the 1500s iteration when nick meant “the critical moment.”)

Hit The Bottom Quicker is a song off our latest album, Games We Play, originally created to be a stark look at that very human trait of accelerating one’s own personal descent. Still, with the times being what they are, we could not help but link the phenomena to today’s political climate and to the wish for the self-implosion of such corrupt, destructive political figures as Trump and (closer to home) Doug Ford!

As an antidote to the feeling of being at the mercy of these authoritarian, arrogant leaders, we introduce the idea that they will ultimately be undone by their vain pretences… “split the lip that bit ya”… with a little help from an outraged populace.

To that end, the video includes images from the Women’s March and Kavanaugh hearings but also from the Rumble in the Jungle boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Geroge Foreman – a reminder how the mighty or “kings” can literally fall.

Ultimately, despotic and divisive leaders are featured in the video to make us question who we are putting in places of power – this moment in time is a crucibleabout that very question, as observed by one Senator at the Kavanaugh hearings last week.

And so, as we give thanks in Canada this long weekend, let’s do so with eyes wide open and staring down some hard truths about our elected officials’ abuse of power and complacency! Here is our contribution to the cause to help principles and integrity prevail as the “misleaders” hit the bottom.  This can happen quicker if we do get out and vote (municipally or at the midterms) and protest and march and act and vocalize… #metoo

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